• Beauty Line Technologies is a manufacturer and supplier of professional skin care devices for aesthetic medicine clinics, beauty parlours, SPA, slimming studios, massage salons, permanent makeup studios and as well for professional cosmetologists with individual practice or mobile beauty parlours.
  • Our devices are intended for professional use only by persons with appropriate education. The devices are classified as PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY EQUIPMENT and are not intended for medical use. It is not medical equipment and as well it is not equipment for home use. The devices are intended for cosmethological purposes to use in professional beauty salons or by professional cosmetologiests.
  • Medical education is not required to operate the devices, since the machines are not intended for medical treatments but for cosmetic purposes only. Anyway the devices must be operated by cosmethologists with appropriate education.
  • We provide complete information, training materials and technical support for installation and operation of devices.
  • Beauty Line Technologies helps beauty salons owners to equip the salon or SPA according to target budget and planned services. We can assist you and guide to the right type of devices to your budget, your needs and expectations. Please contact us and we will be glad to assist you and find the best solution for your business.

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