• weight loss
  • cellulite elimination
  • treatment of tissue fibrosis
  • post-natal stretch marks and sagging skin elimination
  • rehabilitation after plastic surgery
  • treatment for muscular or spinal pain


  • Voltage – 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power – 60 W
  • Fuse – 3,15 A
  • Vacuum pressure – 5-20 inHg
  • Pump – 20 l/min
  • Maximum vacuum pressure measured at the end of the head: -0,5 MPa
  • The device is designed for continuous operation


  • absolutely safe method
  • no tissue injury
  • triglycerides are removed from the body by natural metabolism
  • it is one of the most effective methods of fighting cellulite and overweight
  • greatly improves firmness of the body
  • it is possible to apply anti cellulite and other cosmetics during the procedure


Dermomassager is a device for vacuum massage, which combines mechanical massage and roller massage with simultaneous pulling (suction) of skin folds by specially constructed head. In this way dermomassager influences on skin and subcutaneous tissue, including fat tissue.

This method can be classified as connective tissue massage, also known as lipomassage. As a result of this massage, by breaking fat cells, there is possible to get fat and cellulite reduction, body became more slim, scars and stretch marks are less visible. As a result stimulation of microcirculation there is a reduction of edema.

Research has proven, that the most effective way to fight cellulite and to influence on scars and changes in the connective tissue is a massage of the skin and tissues beneath it. Therefore dermomassage is recommended as a supportive treatment of scars, burns, edema, fibrosis, as well for the treatment of spinal pain, inflammation of tendons or joint injuries.


  1. for scars and stretch marks – 15 mm
  2. for the abdomen and shoulders – 25 mm
  3. for the abdomen and shoulders – 35 mm
  4. for the thighs and buttocks – 55 mm
  5. for the thighs and buttocks – 85 mm

The heads are equipped with movable spherical rollers and a suction hole for skin folds. Rollers rotate around their own axes in the same or in opposite directions and massage sucked to the head skin fold. This type of massage has a lot of advantages.


  • body shaping – fat reduction
  • cellulite reduction
  • body firming
  • reduction of scars and stretch marks
  • improves circulation and nourishment of the skin and subcutaneous tissues
  • lymphatic drainage and toxins removal
  • improve metabolism
  • improves blood and lymph circulation




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